Art Aware – First Blog

This is the first blog for Art Aware, a twenty-year non-profit organization created to bolster the arts in inner city elementary schools. I am Barbara Pfeiffer, Founder and Director. For an introduction, we’ve uploaded the 2008 Art Aware Poster of Camden Students at Peace Doing Art.

It represents 17 Camden, New Jersey, schools and work that was initiated by art teachers from grades pre-K to six.

Art teachers are absolutely necessary for students to achieve a well-balanced education. For the under-achiever as well as the over-achiever, art class is the great leveler. Different strokes for different folks. There is no right or wrong. Showing reproductions of famous masterpieces from Leonardo da Vinci to Jackson Pollock proves it.

And so in this poster there are examples of talented art teachers encouraging children to experiment with many styles.  Go to for close-ups of some of the work. 

Visual images are not only for kids to learn by.

A balanced human being is one who can tap into one’s own creative energies as well as others’.

Celebrate the arts!

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