Art Aware Class

This is me in an Art Aware class. Notice the reproductions of art and the art teacher (Linda Hartzell from Gesu School) behind me.  The kids are holding up some spontaneous 5 minute art they did. My job isn’t to do hands-on art, rather it is to supplement what the art teachers do.
(See the Philadelphia Museum of Art Teacher profile on Art Aware and also the 2009 Poster of Camden Students at Peace Doing Art:
Today we had our last Art Goes to School meeting before 25 of us volunteers go into 12 Cherry Hill, NJ elementary schools with a portfolio of about 15 reproductions of art. It will take us three months to cover all students, grades 1 through 5, in the School District. How everyone looks forward to the AGTS visit.
Art Aware is a spin-off from AGTS, but it operates only in the inner cities of Camden and Philadelphia where most suburban volunteers are fearful to go. So that means for the past 20+ years only a handful of us have covered 25+ inner city schools.
Thankfully (and perhaps dues to Art Aware’s presence) the Camden, NJ School District still has it’s art teachers. Art Aware celebrates and is grateful for the work they do with the elementary school children…, so much!

2 Responses to “Art Aware Class”

  1. Yukio Ozaki Says:

    Congratulations and thank you for all you do to children who could be often deprived of the enrichment in education with art. It will make a phenomenal difference in their future.

    • artaware Says:

      Art does make a phenomenal difference in a person’s life – trouble is it can’t be “documented” – if it could be documented, we wouldn’t have any trouble getting funding for art projects, installations, etc. – right!?! TY for your comment.

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