Beautiful Students Going to Beautiful Places. Please Join Us!

The Philadelphia Orchestra will host the 4th of their subscription family concerts at 11:30 a.m. this Saturday, March 27th. Camden students, their teachers and family members will see and hear it at the Kimmel Center. An excellent pre-concert activity at 10:00 a.m., designed for young people, will prepare them for Stravinsky’s “Firebird.”

When else can you hear the Philadelphia Orchestra for $6.00? Tickets are available at the Box Office on the day. Please join us! 

For 42 years AAUW has enabled thousands of inner city children to experience the Philadelphia Orchestra. This time more than a dozen from Urban Promise’s Camden Forward School will attend.

The glass structure of the Kimmel Center houses the main concert arena, Verizon Hall, and the smaller Perlman Building. It’s a thrill for students to visit the roof garden on the Perlman, to look up at the towering high rises, to look across to Verizon Hall and to look down at the tiny people strolling on the ground floor five stories below.

There’s a lot to look at – including a group of nude statues on the second floor, which, as this student discovered, are more accessible than at an art museum.

Beautiful children going to beautiful places – that’s the way the world should be. Don’t you agree?

One Response to “Beautiful Students Going to Beautiful Places. Please Join Us!”

  1. yukio Says:

    Great to have a world class artr-center in your area. Hawaii leaders were so busy building disfunctional convention-center and never had the brain or heart to honor art as part of the sophisticated value of culture.

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