Camden’s Fantastic Art Teachers: Featuring Ms. Watkins

Look at this 4th grader’s artwork initiated by Faize Watkins! Would you be proud if you had done it? For years Ms. Watkins’ students’ intricate line drawings have been chosen for Art Aware posters of Camden Students at Peace Doing Art.  You can see her below standing in front of the posters displayed in her classroom.

Look at this dancing figure on a background of circles. Can you imagine doing such a piece of artwork? When this student grows up and has children and grandchildren of her own, I hope this image will have been saved and be displayed in her house commemorating her 4th grade year with Ms. Watkins and giving inspiration to all who view it!

In the next image we see a girl lounging within another background of intricate designs. I think Ms. Watkins imbued her fourth graders with the spirit of Henri Matisse!

Finally, in a 4th grader’s work of a family going to church, Ms. Watkins has called forth the influence of African American painter, William H. Johnson.

When children in 4th grade can produce artwork like this, and ALL the members of the class do so each in their own way, they are destined for a life of success. I believe they will always hold in their hearts the experience of being in Ms. Watkins art class at Cramer School in Camden!

The wonderful Ms. Faize Watkins!

6 Responses to “Camden’s Fantastic Art Teachers: Featuring Ms. Watkins”

  1. margieroses Says:

    oh how beautiful the art work is. I would be honored to have it in my home.

  2. Evelyn Levit Says:

    Amazing what a unique teacher can bring out in her class….kudos to you all Ms. Watkins et al

  3. Dr. Iman Chahine Says:

    This is totally fantastic!! I knew Mrs Watkins was great at what she does but this absolutely confirms it. Fayze’s passion for art has always been an inspiration to everyone who knew her, she continues to shine as years go by.
    Congratulations Fayze!!! You deserve this wonderful honor!

  4. Fidaa Shaheen Says:

    Amazing artwork by students. fayze loves her work and she was able to transfer that love to her students. The talent of the teacher brought out the creativity in her students. Camden’s art exhibitions are always spectacular!!

  5. Ahmad chahine Says:

    I wish I have fayze as my art teacher. I have a lot of ideas to put in pictures and she will be the one to help me. The students’ art work are very beautiful!!

  6. Miza Chahine Says:

    The art works are really really beautiful!!! The students are very lucky to have Fayze as their art teacher! :):)

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