2010 Poster of Camden Students at Peace Doing Art

Students really are at peace doing art whether they can draw or not and regardless of their cultural or economic background. It is the creative spirit, inherent in all human beings (until it is taught out of them), that impels children to learn, to invent the world to fit their needs.

Here are samples from 24 elementary schools. It just so happens this is the same number of years Art Aware has been in existence: 24!

We’ve divided the 2010 Poster into quadrants. Look at the artwork inspired by art teachers from the 24 public, charter and faith-based schools! Do you see the bird’s eye view of a person with knock-out shoes and a composite of cubist faces Picasso never could have painted so prettily? Look at the end-of-year art show held outdoors.

In the 2nd quadrant you see a drawing of “Spring Break” with swings and dog bones, a landscape collage, a studious student, motorcycle hill and a hungry caterpillar.

In the 3rd quadrant a variation of Hokusai’s “Great Wave” is seen and a visualization of an image under a microscope.

Included in the 4th quadrant is a racing car, a remarkably true likeness in a collage (the picture of the person is attached at the bottom), a Navaho blanket and a Narnia scene.

If you would like a 8&1/2″ X 11″ color copy of the 2010 poster with a list of the schools and artists, let me know in the comment area below or in an e-mail (artaware@hotmail.com) and I’ll send you one.

Enjoy and please cheer for the young Camden artists and their teachers!

4 Responses to “2010 Poster of Camden Students at Peace Doing Art”

  1. Evelyn Levit Says:

    What a wonderful world Mrs.Watkins is helping to make for the children as they continue to help making it for themselves…right on!

  2. Barbara Pfeiffer Says:

    So true Evelyn….Ms. Watkins AND Ms’s Sassano, Gail, Kring-schreifels, Dubbs, Wallenburg, Grey Mosley, DiMedio, Subramanya, Span, Jones, Cooper, Lippincott, Speart, Manning, Demairai, Moore, Cucinota, Saeger, Deets, Savarese, Allen, Babilonia, Guida, Baskins and Mr. Augie…all 24 of the art teachers Art Aware celebrated with the Camden Students at Peace Doing Art 2010 poster. Next time I see you I’ll give you a copy of the colorful poster and the names of the schools, artists and teachers.

  3. Betty Hill Says:

    Yes, it is truly wonderful art work…
    I was impressed.

  4. artaware Says:

    And you do know, Betty – being an elementary school art teacher yourself, a member of Cherry Hill Art Goes to School, Portfolio Chair of AGTS of the Delaware Valley and an artist in your own right! Thanks for your comments.

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