Nemunoki School for the Handicapped

In Shizuoka Prefecture, there is a school for the handicapped founded in 1968 by renowned Japanese entertainer and philanthropist, Mariko Miyagi.  Art education is of prime importance and next to the school the students’ work is shown in an museum designed just for their art.   Acclaimed exhibitions of  their creations travel around the world.

An artist friend saw the exhibition in Tokyo and sent me the catalog.  He cried when he saw the original artwork, it was so beautiful. I got teary when I saw the catalog.  I’d like to share some pictures with you done by Shimizu Hitoshi.

The first is called “Holland Houses”,  next is  “House with Tree and Leaves” and finally  “A New Day.”

I know nothing about the artist. The catalog is in Japanese. But it’s only necessary to look at the feeling within the pictures. Such strong colors and lines. The personality of the artist shines through as does the peace, stability and self worth that the school and art program encourages.

2 Responses to “Nemunoki School for the Handicapped”

  1. margieroses Says:

    beautiful work–beautiful colors—thank you

  2. Barbara Pfeiffer Says:

    and TY M.R. I knew you would like it and posted it just fer you!

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