The Paradox of Life: Same but Different

We’re all different but also the same. The fourth grade class got that lesson in their art class. Each student was given a piece of white paper with a 22-sided design outline. Their finished artwork, when cut out, fit together like a puzzle. It became a large mural which demonstrated, at the same time, the individuality and the togetherness of the class.

Kassandra chose to include in her artwork a vase of sunflowers, a 3-D box, and shapes, influenced by Van Gogh, Vasarely, Matisse and Dubuffet.

Danielle did her artwork looking at a reproduction of the story quilt and book “Tar Beach” by Faith Ringgold. The main character, Cassie, her brother Bebe, the Hudson River, the George Washington Bridge, the family seated at the table on her roof top and her building in New York City were all drawn in wonderful detail!

Erasham chose a 22-sided design with outlines of Vasarely’s boxes on the ends. He colored the 3-D boxes to frame his work. He chose to do a variation of a boy on roller skates on a skateboard from a reproduction by syndicated cartoonist, John Overmyer. He added his own sun and clouds.

By exposing inner city children to a wider view beyond their narrow streets through reproductions of art, we give them access to the world and confidence that they can put their own spin on it through marks on a piece of paper.

The final example is a mural with a whole class’ individual 22-sided box designs colored in, each in his or her own way. The individual pieces were joined together so it looked like a robot. It’s over four feet high. Fun!


The students were proud of their individual artwork and also amazed at how colorful and integrated the whole mural looked when the pieces were joined.  A lesson in how our individual ideas when put together with others’ can make a beautiful whole!

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