Self-Portraits by Children and a Hundred Year Prediction

Angela Allen is an elementary school art teacher in Camden who displayed in her Spring art show self-portraits done by kindergarteners, first and second graders. I chose one from each grade to illustrate the different drawing styles. See how well the faces are proportioned.

The eyelashes predominate in the kindergartener’s face. The lips, nose and mouth are so carefully drawn. The hair is neatly parted. Look at the nicely patterned blouse she wears.

The first grader’s portrait is dramatic in the shading of the face and the background. A nice job using watercolor paint. The eyes are piercing. The hair is braided and has colorful beads. I love the two hair-fountains framing the face. The dress has a nice pattern with a decorative collar.

Can you believe that the last portrait was done by a second grader? The shading, the dark accents highlighting the eyes, nose, eyebrows, cheeks and chin, the natural expression of the mouth showing a nice row of teeth, all contribute to an intense portrait.

Bravo Ms. Allen in getting your students to bring forth their individual self portraits.

The last piece of artwork was initiated by Mr. Auge, another Camden teacher, asking his fourth graders to imagine what they will look like at 100 years old. Did the young artist draw a solitary tooth in her mouth or is that an M & M candy? She is very alert, nicely dressed, a person I’d like to meet.


One Response to “Self-Portraits by Children and a Hundred Year Prediction”

  1. Angela Allen Says:

    Mr. Auge, I love imagining you’re a hundred. The kids think thirty is up there so I can imagine all the wonderful directions in which this would go!

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