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2011 Camden Students at Peace Doing Art 4th Quadrant

August 21, 2011

*school name (art teacher) student name if known (grade level) title of piece

*Camden Forward (Ms. Baker, Ms. Kring-schreifels) 8th graders “Lion King Masks;”
*Lanning Square (Ms. Lippincott) Saleiyah (5) “Paper Mache Puppet Family;”
*Forest Hill (Ms. Jones) Kindergartener “Butterfly;”
*Whittier (Ms. Allen) Vinasia (1) “Self-portrait;”
*Cream (Ms. Grey) Leonardo (8) “Reverse Nike;”
*ECO Charter (Ms. Subramanya) Group project “Banana Tree;”

2011 Camden Students at Peace Doing Art 3rd Quadrant

August 21, 2011

Hopefully you’ve seen the first two blogs of quadrants and gotten the hang of how the work is listed:
*school name (art teacher) student name, if known (grade level) title of artwork.

*Davis (Ms. Mosley, Ms. DiMedio) Leslie (K) “Butterfly Bees;”
*Dudley (Ms. Spann) 5th grader “Aboriginal Bark Painting;”
*Leap Academy (Ms. Speart) Melanyd (2) “Cold Hands, Warm Heart;”
*Molina (Ms. Demarais, Ms. Moore, Mr. Deitz) Tatyany (K) “Daisy Tree;”
*Washington (Ms. Sassano) Cierra (3) “Dancers in Kente Clothing;”
*Cooper’s Poynt (Ms. Wallenburg, Ms. Knopp) Tianay (7) “Bubble Shop City;”
*Yorkship (Ms. Baskins, Ms. MacArthur) Amanda (6) “Star Fish;”

2011 Camden Students at Peace Doing Art 2nd Quadrant

August 21, 2011

The following lists: *School name (art teacher’s name) student’s name if known (grade level) title of artwork:

*Holy Name (Ms. Guzman) Lucely (6) “Abstract Tree;”
*Parkside (Mr. Auge) 4th grader “In 2099 I Will Turn 100;”
*Sumner (Ms. Savarese) Siana (4) “The Emerald S Lizard;”
*Wiggins (Ms. Guida) Nayaritte (6) “Red House;”
*Bonsall (Ms. Gail, Ms. Rohr) Monet (3) “Giraffes;”
*McGraw (Ms. Manning) 4th grader “Abstract Flower;”

2011 Camden Students at Peace Doing Art 1st Quadrant

August 21, 2011

Some of you have seen the 2011 poster on our website and may have wondered WHO did this artwork? Well, you can click onto the 2009 poster ( to get an idea of the scope of Art Aware’s yearly posters in the whole city of Camden.

Now I’ll give you the details of the images in the 2011 poster, many of which have already been shown in past blogs. We’ll give you previews of the 2012 poster in upcoming blogs.

Art Aware celebrates students and the talented full-time art teachers initiating artwork in public, parochial and charter Camden elementary schools.

In the first quadrant we have
*Sacred Heart (Ms.Cucinotta, teacher) and 5th graders “Stop Killing Our Fish;”
*Catto (Ms. Dubbs), 2nd, 3rd, 4th joint projects “The Universe;”
*Sharp (Ms. Saeger) Dennis (1st grade!) “Circles of Color;”
*Cramer (Ms.Watkins), Ruth (4) “Matisse Lady Relaxing;”
*St. Joes Pro-Cathedral (Ms. Deets) Kayla (4) “Seven-Tone Banner;”
*Wilson (Ms. Babilonia) Zenasia (2) “Chinese Bowl with Oranges;”

Go to the website or past blogs to see larger images of the children’s work.

Art Teachers: Lifelines to Elementary Student Creativity!

August 14, 2011

Please enjoy the work initiated by Nina Speart, Art Teacher at Leap Academy in Camden.

Sunflowers by Tiphany (4th grade) watercolor and glue;
Lilies by Giovonna (4) watercolor and glue;
Autumn Design by Jon Paul (6) cutout paper collage;
Fall Reflection by Ayanna (1) watercolor;
Cityscape by Brielle (3) warm color scheme;
Cityscape by Hashannah (3) cool color scheme;
Zebra by Sidia (7) aboriginal dot painting;

Art Aware Is Life Aware

August 14, 2011