Art Aware Assignment by Steve Wills, PMA Educator

Six “Camden Students at Peace Doing Art” posters from
six years – exhibited at Cramer Elementary School by Art Teacher, Faize Watkins

From a conversation with Barbara Pfeiffer:
“For several years in the mid-90s the Camden County prosecutor’s office produced 10,000 copies of a calendar with kids’ artwork. It was wonderful! Then the committee, of which I was a member, decided they couldn’t do it any more. I said ‘That’s terrible! Everyone loves it so. Let Art Aware take it over.’ And so we did—for a few years.
“I mixed the calendar art from the kids with pieces from well-known artists. There was this wonderful peace figure, with a cross and a peace sign, but no head.
The artist was a first grader. It was a perfect segue to Picasso! Then another, by a young girl, was of a road lined with flowers, and that was a good segue to Monet.

“The calendar was a great project but it took so much time to raise funds and distribute the 10,000 copies we had little time in the classroom. So in 2002, I changed from an Art Aware calendar to a yearly poster of “Camden Children at Peace Doing Art.” We produce different sized color posters and distribute about 300 of them yearly to the schools and the communities that put them on display. They have been in the schools, post offices, supermarkets, City Hall, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and even at a special, very large, ten-month exhibition at Cooper Hospital. The 2008 poster represents student artwork, initiated by their art teachers, from 17 schools.”
(NOTE: You can explore the posters and projects of Art Aware at their website:

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