Art Teachers Are The Foundation of Kids Liking School!

Here is the 2012 CAMDEN STUDENTS AT PEACE DOING ART poster and the names of the terrific art teachers from 23 public, charter and parochial schools initiating the work (starting from 1st of 4 quadrants): *Ms.Watkins, Cramer School – Walking Baby(4th grade); *Ms. Jones, Forest Hill – Flower Pot(K); *Ms. Babilonia, H.B.Wilson – Park with Trees(K); *Ms. DiMedio, Davis – Melting Ice Block(5); *Ms.Kring-Schreifels, Camden Forward, Self-Portrait in Clay(3); *Ms. Allen, Whittier – Black Circle Stamps(Pre-K); *Ms. Wallenburg, Ms. Knopp, Coopers Poynt – Mask(7); *Ms. Deets, St. Joes Pro-Cathedral – Slinkies(8); *Ms. Savarese, Sumner – Swallows(3); *Ms. Lippincott, Lanning Square – Playcard Pattern(4); *Ms. Saeger, Sharp – Matisse Goldfish Collage(2); *Ms. Guida, Wiggins – Zebra(4); *Ms. Subramanya, ECO Charter – Bird Bath; *Ms. Manning, Weaving(3); *Ms.Speart, Leap Academy – Sunflowers(4); *Ms. Dubbs, Catto – Land/Seascape collage(5); *Ms. Gail, Mr. Rohr, Bonsall – Clay Bug Tile Mosaic(5); *Ms. Cucinotta, Sacred Heart – Fish/Diver collage(2); *Ms. Sassano, Washington/Veterans – Fingerplay(5); *Ms. Demarais, Ms. Moore, Molina – Abstract on Yellow(1); *Ms. Spann, Dudley – White Fence(5); *Ms. Guzman, Holy Name – Mural of School Family(volunteers).
Never take the art teachers forgranted! They are the foundation of kids liking elementary school!

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