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Art Aware – a spin off from Art Goes to School

March 25, 2013

Koson Birds on the Wing

I had a second grade class in Cherry Hill last week – one of about ten Art Goes to School classes I will give this spring. How I love showing reproductions of famous paintings to kids in Camden (for Art Aware) and in Cherry (for AGTS). One bright young man looked at this Koson painting and commented: “Ducks don’t fly so close to the moon.” We looked at the birds again and determined that they were geese and even they don’t fly that high and that wasn’t it great how Koson used his imagination!

Art Aware at Ferry Avenue Library for One Year

March 25, 2013

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It has been too, too long since my last blog. A dry spell on the blog, but not in Art Aware activity.

During the whole of 2012 over 1,500 pieces of artwork by current and past Camden City elementary school students was displayed. Art teachers Ms. Sassano and Ms. Savarese contributed current work while Ms. Watkins contributed murals from 2011 to the computer room at the library.

I have been bringing reproductions of famous art into Camden elementary school classrooms since I moved to Camden in 1986 and have put most of the student work I initiated into large murals for display. I love kids’ art so much I can’t throw any of it away. I like opportunities to display it which is a way of celebrating the children and educating the adults who see it.

So the Ferry Avenue Library exhibit was an Art Aware retrospective as well as a showcase for current work intiated by Camden art teachers. Every year Art Aware makes up a poster of Camden Students at Peace Doing Art. The 2012 poster included work from twenty-five schools.

Soon Art Aware will bring reproductions of African American artist, Romare Bearden, to the Ferry Avenue library. It will be a chance for library patrons to see in the Conference Room the lesson plans on this great artist which are detailed in our website:

Please stay tuned for the upcoming 2013 poster of Camden Students at Peace Doing Art!