Face Everything and Rise

IMG_2070 IMG_2069 IMG_2068Life in Camden is difficult.

The past month the rear end of my car, parked in a “safe” place, was reduced to rubble by an intoxicated (?) driver in the middle of the night. (It gave me the opportunity to patch it up lovingly with pre-school manipulatives.)

In another incident, a drunk(?) addict (?) hit-and-run man-child(?) abandoned his car which caught fire behind my row house and ignited trees (which are making a fast recovery). Had the police and fire department not come immediately, I might not be writing this post.

And finally, Camden Iron and Metal, a business that has no respect for Camden City and her inhabitants, has been operating  heavy metal crushing machinery 24/7 causing many residents sleepless nights.  I think (HOPE) that Zoning Enforcement disciplined them with BIG fines – because last night was quiet and the first full night of shut-eye for many in South Camden for the whole week.

And so I “face everything and rise” and give thanks to those who haven’t “run” from Modacius, the most dangerous city in the U.S.!


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