Mayor Redd’s and Our Camden CAN RISE if Camden Iron and Metal Operation Descends!

Here is a clip of very important people talking about Camden rising.

I believe it is possible for Camden to rise, IF Camden Iron and Metal, the largest metal recyler in the country,  pares down its pollution of air, water and noise in South Camden.The operation totally disrespects our neighbor hood and Camden people. Seventy percent of it’s employees (mostly Camden residents), subject to hazardous fine metal particulates, choose not to wear masks – I can only suppose due to ignorance about what the air they are breathing will do to them!  I have been told that since CIM is a private company, OSHA is the only one that can fine them on the risk to its employees – and they would listen only to CIM employees (which I am not).

Here is my posting to Facebook with this clip:

CCMUA – the sewer treatment plant in the 80’s WAS unbearable – as I’m quoted as saying in this news clip – BUT millions of dollars spent on erasing the sewer treatment plant pollution will come to naught if the Camden Iron and Metal operation (CIM) next to the proposed Phoenix Park is allowed to continue its 24/7 pollution of water, air and sound in South Camden.
(What wasn’t shown in the video was my response to Brenda Flanagan’s question “Why did you move next to a sewer treatment plant 25 years ago!? – I said Because of the vision of Sacred Heart Church to transform a blighted neighborhood, Monseigneur Michael Doyle, Metropolitan Opera Star Barbara Dever (and her singing daughter, Shauna Dever -and I wanted to do art projects with Camden children and to open a pottery studio.) There are many who want to transform Camden – CIM people not included!

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