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The Nerikomi Technique with two : cf Yukio Ozaki

December 27, 2014

In previous blog, you can see the finished product of how Yukio Ozaki used MANY colors of clay.

Clay Artist, Yukio Ozaki

December 25, 2014

Meditating upon Hawaiian artist, Yukio Ozaki’s Nerikomi vessel:

The universe comes together
in a small vessel of
intricately colored clay


Origami Artwork by Danielle Ertz

December 25, 2014


It is Christmas Day and I’m enjoying this wonderful origami sculpture by Woodlynne artist, Danielle Ertz!

Camden Children, Nick Lowe and the Salvation Army

December 24, 2014

Nick Lowe’s song “I Was Born in Bethlehem” really resonated with me yesterday as I sat in front of Walmart with a Salvation Army apron and bell and watched all those smiling faces of people as they put money in the kettle beneath the long-standing “Doing the Most Good” logo.

Here are the words:
I was born in Bethlehem. Two thousand years ago have passed since then and I’ve done what I can to remain where a man (woman or child) can find a friend on the streets of Bethlehem (or Camden).
As the story always said we were trying to find a bed. It was cold, I was late and we stood outside the locked gate at the inn until the kindness of strangers let us in to a stable round the back, little more than a shack, where my sweet mother, meek and mild and herself, only a child, gave her best then took her rest.
At the door, then came a knock, shepherds too had quit their flock, with their eyes round with fear, Daddy jumped up and cried “Get out of here” but mother stilled him and bid them draw near. I was there but couldn’t see the unfolding mystery – kings with presents of gold, myrr and frankensense and set then before the lamb neath the star of Bethlehem.
I was born in Bethlehem, it’s been two thousand years since then but I’ve done what I can to remain where a man can find a friend, I was born in Bethlehem.