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Summer Camp After Care at Kroc Center

August 5, 2015


One hundred kids, ages 6 to 12
and councelors ages 18 and up
listen carefully to our leader
give a pep talk on patience and
a student give a prayer.

T.J. comes to the table for origami
as she does every day – her patience and
skill steadily climbing.
Point to point, good creasing of lines,
folding over and over, again and again.

It builds character – this time-honored art.
It took me a few hours to unfold a flower
to figure out how I had folded it years before,
so that I could teach T.J. –
a soon-to-be 5th grader.

Over fifty folds. Would T.J. still be doing this
in fifty years – like me? I hope so.
Just one piece of paper turning into
a lotus, crane, frog, pinwheel, pig.
She has moves and mind to create masterpieces.