Foster Grandparent and Proud of It!

10295359_10203778614566432_1288183773245513168_o I love being able to make silly faces with pre-schoolers.

1082159_10201684994107229_1264262433_o It can distract them from the intense concentration to manipulate manipulatives.

Here is the Early Learning Research Academy window the teachers decorated which looks out to City Hall. And here is the easel with a pre-K painting – 18″ x 22″ – large(!) on it to enjoy.

And here is a mural we made of one’s class’s artwork, which I posted to the world’s largest online kids’ art museum:

You can see an origami pop-up book that the pre-schoolers and I decorated with clouds and the sun.

And finally, a kindergardener’s Easter Bunny initiated by Jeffrey Phillips, K-3 art teacher at Leap Academy. You can see the amazing work he and Nina Speart, Leap Academy art teacher for grades 4 to 6, initiated, which I helped to post on  Just go to Camden, N.J. and look for Leap Academy and for the little ones, look for ELRA (Early Learning Research Academy).

I’m sure you can understand why I love volunteering for the Foster Grandparent Program in Camden pre-k and elementary schools.








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