Foster Grandparent: the Young, the old, and In-between


In October, 2011, at an old age, I had one of the peak experiences of my life:  seeing a toddler absolutely ecstatic at seeing me – a big smile on her lunch-smeared face, arms and legs flailing, from the chair in a high, round table shared with five other toddlers. Apparently, we had bonded. I had never before, in my seven decades, had anyone respond to me with such glee! And so based on that experience, my life aim has turned into trying to give, and take, GLEE, to and from, anyone I’m privileged to meet: the very young, the very old and anyone in-between.

In Romare Bearden’s book “Li’l Dan: the Drummer Boy”, he captures glee and awe in his line drawing. 471721_4025993488823_1325673276_oAt Martin Luther King Day Care Center, I photograph toddlers inside and outside a crib. At ELRA (Early Learning Research Academy) I am gleeful at seeing a child sleeping – bottoms-up and toddlers succeeding at balancing blocks when they can barely balance themselves, and a 1267907_10202163334745446_326624898_otoddler examining a pink alien.

At Lower Leap Academy, I’m joyful at attending a Gala at the Curtis Building 10403886_10205376165184199_3536148278411146380_o10847473_10205376167544258_8300641144364468427_o (1)in which student artwork is sold to those parents and friends of “in between age.” 10348881_10204022783270497_1660319373753657149_o10380048_10204022761389950_1902629112722294798_o

And then there’s, where we display and sell kids’ art.

And then there is the whole Internet which brings together the young, the old, the in between and all of nature.250252_10205011616910720_8897218826953830051_n


One Response to “Foster Grandparent: the Young, the old, and In-between”

  1. artaware Says:

    I don’t know how to reduce the Curtis photos to the same size as the other photos…will try to figure it out later!

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