Saints and Sinners (and those of us in between)


I might do a write-in ballot for the 2016 presidential election for a man who wouldn’t want the job but has the experience to do it right.

He knows how to manage a budget and spent twenty years writing a biography of a Michigan senator-turned international diplomat which the University of Chicago Press will publish in 2017.

He recently was in the news because he helped an eighty-six year old woman get home who had locked the keys in her car, then mixed up the last two digits of the phone number unable to reach her daughter for help.

He’s in a position of authority that serves millions of people their basic human needs and serves their spiritual needs through the arts. He touches individuals and the multitudes.

I am one of those individuals – at seventy-seven years old, who may soon unintentionally lock her keys in the car and reach out to a caring person for help.  I have confidence someone will be there

because of this man for whom I’ll do a write-in ballot. His leadership extends across the country and, for-all-I-know, around the world. He has authority and influence that hasn’t “gone to his head.”

I live in a city, Camden, N.J., that needs enlightened leadership. In 2015 President Obama visited us. He raised hopes for the future, appearing in a Salvation Army Center that was funded  by Joan Kroc in 2003.

In 2015, the Grand Rapids Kroc Center and Salvation Army were supported by this man for whom I’m submitting a write-in ballot. He has the gentle touch for us commoners and the smarts for the elites.

He knows that isolationism by country, by economic status, by race, by education, by religion, will not work for a sustainable world, for individuals or for the multitudes.

I know the next POTUS will not be elected by write-in ballots. But we still have time, perhaps through social media to call out those saints – and sinners – so that those us “in between” can make a difference.


One Response to “Saints and Sinners (and those of us in between)”

  1. artaware Says:

    This photo is by Betty Jean Swartz – of the chapel at the Salvational Army Camden, NJ Kroc Center

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