Passion for the Arts Drives Pfeiffer

Passion for Arts Drives Pfeiffer

In December 2014, Barbara Pfeiffer became a bell ringer and rang the bell at the Walmart shopping center in Audubon. She hasn’t stopped serving The Salvation Army since.

Pfeiffer, who officially registered as a volunteer in March of 2015, has contributed over 210 hours of service, serving as a Kroc Ambassador giving tours, working at the Welcome Desk, the library, instructing at summer camp and teaching Art in Kroc Kids.

For Pfeiffer, the dedication to volunteering comes from her desire to see people come together.

“I’ve lived in Camden for 30 years and I knew that this was going to be a place that was going to bring people together,” said Pfeiffer. “I have found that everybody is in their own little section in Camden and this was a place that could bring them together.”

Barbara got to witness this first hand when she checked members into the building.

“It’s just a wonderful look at life from this wonderful facility,” she said. “When I was at the Welcome Desk I loved seeing all those people come through the doors, from the suburbs and from Camden City.”

While Pfeiffer has helped wherever she has been needed, her true passion has always been art. A retired teacher, Pfeiffer has seen what great things children can do when given the chance to be creative.

“I think every child should be able to express themselves,” Barbara said.

Pfeiffer continues to work with Kroc Kids and is encouraging others to join in and help a program that has greatly expanded over the last two months.

“I have worked at afterschool programs throughout Camden City and sometimes there is no discipline and there is nothing very structured about it,” she said. “Here [After School Learning Center Coordinator Hillary Jones] does a good job of structuring it. She can’t do it all by herself, so she needs volunteers. If people like working with kids, this is a wonderful opportunity because there are so many kids and there is such good structure within The Salvation Army.”

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