Senior Bowling Friends Are Works of Art!

KIMG0719 (1)Ten frames. Twenty balls per game. Sixty balls for three games thrown in one morning with my Camden City Bowling League. The members of this senior league are all works of art! With only two more sessions this season, I want to record faces reacting to: a strike, a spare, first time breaking a score of one hundred, misses of a ball to pins by one quarter of an inch, one foot – all the way to gutter balls.

How I enjoy the faces of seniors  – ages sixty to ninety plus and their expressions of joy, chagrin, anger, defeat in the bowling alley. How I identify with all these newly-found friends and their desire to harness their own power to knock down all the pins.

The game is a metaphor for a life well-examined. How can I be so successful one monent (a strike!) and such a disaster the next (a gutter ball!).

In the future I hope to post some digital images of my bowling friends – with their permission, of course.

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