Snorkeling at the Camden Kroc Center

kimg0867I’m so grateful for the pool at the Salvation Army’s Camden Kroc Center. I feel as if I’m back in Hawaii where I often snorkeled at the foot of Diamond Head in Doris Duke’s natural pool which was open to all.

It’s strange to see snorkeling paraphernalia at the competition pool at the Kroc Center. Not everyone goes to the extremes that I do. Some just use a few swimming aides. But at my advanced age, I need all the help I can get. So my gear includes foot-long flippers, goggles, snorkel and hand paddles. I feel like a fish.  I don’t have to gulp for breaths and swim a leisurely ten laps without stopping and meditate on the blue lines at the bottom of the pool and the progression of depth from four to seven feet.

Recently the Kroc Center introduced fish to the pool – chlorine-resistant fish – so pretty in many different sizes and colors. Sometimes mermaids join them, for instance in the form of my friend, Kandy Lippincott.

When next I go to swim, I’ll have someone take a photo which questions if this person exists in a Camden, N.J. indoor sports facility.

And if you believe everything in this blog, we truly need to be friends!

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