Post Election Conversation in Hot Tub

Post Election Conversation in Hot Tub     11/12/16

Setting: A white senior female (WSF) and a black senior male (BSM) friend are sitting in the hot tube at the Salvation Army Kroc Center in Camden, New Jersey. After a short while, a black middle-aged female (BMAF) friend of the male joins them.

WSF: Have you recovered from the election?

BSM: Well, what do you think of who you put in office?

WSF: Can you believe a bunch of white males from the boondocks did this? They know nothing except their own tiny tribe set far away in the backwoods. And they voted for someone who knows nothing outside of his own privileged white tribe! He has NO experience!

BSM: And women voted for him too.

WSF: Yes! 53% of them. What is wrong with people. A man who disrespects women, has been married three times, accused of rape…

BSM: And black women voted for him too…(a black middle-aged female friend heads into the hot tub and he whispers to WSF)…and here comes one who did just that…

BMAF: Ohhhhhh – this feels good…

WSF: Yup – 102 degrees.

BSM: We were just talking about the election. How could some black folk vote for him?

BMAF: And how could so many not vote at all…?

BSM: But how could any woman vote for him?

BMAF: I don’t have any answers. I just leave it all in the hands of Jesus.

(BSM and WSF raise their eyes (only their heads showing above the steaming water) to heaven

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