I Admit I’m A Little Nuts


The animals I live with teach me about the world.

Their interpersonal relationships are not so different from humans. They vie for attention, establish hierarchies, discriminate between ages, sexes and species, are jealous of each other and put up with each other. Most important, they all love me. But my six-year-old pit bull doesn’t love me as much as she does her twelve-year-old shitsu brother and twelve-month-old Great Dane brother.

They feed my ego as “savior,” since they’re all rescues. They come from a long heritage of my 30 years in Camden, N.J.

I  am never lonely. I never feel afraid. It isn’t in their cat or dog natures to harm anyone. I’ve never even heard the dogs growl. However, they’ve never been tested by anyone trying to harm me. But if an assailant came around I don’t think my dogs would be kind.

A little black, mixed breed dog, Patsi, helped my mother, at age three, recover from the death of her mother from brain cancer in 1915.

And my dogs and cats help me survive the craziness of our world in 2016, one hundred years later!

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