Lady I Live With Is A Little Nuts


The last time I wrote a blog for the woman I live with was on August 10, 2014.

She doesn’t know I sneak onto her computer and write when I’m upset about something.

It’s a zoo in her house with four dog housemates and three cats. Recently she added another feline to the family – a six-month old black male.

It was sheer persistence that got him admitted. It’s cold outside and he wanted in. He actually pushed his way in despite being greeted at the door by two canines.

My lady quickly ushered him upstairs into a room of his own.  This was five days ago and he has been meowing every since – as if he owned the place.

I am the oldest in this family. In order to keep my authority, I will ignore him and maintain my dignity.

This lady I live with is a little nuts. We don’t need another animal in the residence. And how pushy will this boy get as he gets older.

God help us!


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