B.J. Swartz – Librarian – Art Aware Website Manager




The First Art Aware Calendar on the Art Aware Website,thanks to B.J.

I first met B.J. at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Library in the 1990s. Without her I would be computer illiterate. It’s not that she took my hand and gave me lessons. She just inspired me to learn on my own. She adopted my Art Aware non-profit organization onto her own website in 1999 and shortly afterwards gifted me with my  website – artaware.org – and managed it.

In 2006, I officially became a Senior Citizen and rather than dropping me and treating me like a child (many youngsters do that to oldies), she continued our relationship and the management of the website with an eleventh Newsletter. Now it’s ten years later, I’m ten years older and she still manages the website and inspires Art Aware’s Blog – artaware.wordpress.com.

Many computer-articulate whizzes, like B.J., do not promote the confidence of pedestrian Seniors like myself on the Internet. She is different. Perhaps that is because, as she says on her own website, she is a librarian, philosopher, poet and well on the way to becoming a Senior herself. Check it out – KeltasKavern.com!

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