The Returned Bijin, Spider Solitaire, DDT



Written by Beebee, the cat

Peace has come to our household between canines and felines and the one human, who is sitting in her chair with a cup of tea playing an umpteenth thousandth game of Spider Solitaire on her Android. What is it about that game she finds so compelling? I think it’s because she never loses – and it takes her mind off DDT who, in her estimation, never wins.

The Great Dane 13-month old puppy is on the couch not chewing on something right now because he knows the Missy will say “no.” The 18-month old, recently returned calico, Bijin, is sleeping next to the 12-month old black male terror, who just woke up to yawn. There are two elder canines and felines upstairs choosing to keep a distance from the young upstarts downstairs.

When the Missy is home, everyone knows to quietly sleep or meditate until she initiates the action plan for the day – which hopefully will not include another Facebook tirade against the newly-installed POTUS.

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