I Am Over Eighteen. How Much Older? Back to Teaching Boxes Again :-)

Three months since my last blog! That’s because I’ve been job searching…competing with 18 year olds for a part-time job looking after little ones.

The Foster Grandparent Program to assist teachers in elementary schools that I was with for six years gave modest stipends and closed without notice. It took a while to find a job where there was no age discrimination! Finally I’m back to part-time watching over children – ages 6 months to 6 years this time – and encouraging ART. God bless the Salvation Army Camden Kroc Center that didn’t care about my gray hairs!

Teaching how to draw 3-D boxes on a flat piece of paper and to make modular 3-D boxes have always been obsessions with me in the classroom. First graders loved the magic of a flat looking 4-sided square drawn on a flat white board – and adding lines to turn it into a 3-D looking box!  But how can I introduce boxes to younger kids!?

Modular origami Sonobe Units! Thanks to Google, I found out that Mr. Sonobe “invented” them. In the picture you can see one of the six units (in green) that it takes to make a box. The kids can color them and I’ll help turn them into boxes!

It’s nice to be back in the saddle again…    🙂

KIMG1614 (2) 6 sonobe units

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