After Trump. Starting All Over Again.

For over seven years I’ve posted about “art awareness”. Everything from pre-K artwork to injustices obliterating all art as we know it.

Today it’s about the genius of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – IZ, reaching all corners of the world and the lyrics of the song “Starting All Over Again” as a hopeful prayer that we’ll survive Donald Trump:

“It’s gonna be rough for us, we’re gonna make it. Start all over as friends. It’s gonna be tough on us. We gotta face it. We lost what we had that’s set us back 1,000 years, but we’re gonna make it up. Though I know it’s gonna be tough to erase the hurts and fears. Starting all over again is gonna be hard but I pray to the Lord to help us. Starting all over again. It’s gonna be slow but we both know we gonna make it. We’ve gotta take life as it comes, never fuss about it, what’s right or wrong. It’s an uphill climb to the finish line. We gonna try, we gonna try – just one more time.

– change to minor key 🙂 –

“We gotta take life as it comes. Don’t make any fuss about it. What’s right or wrong. We gonna make it.”


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