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Camden in Winter

February 20, 2019

aa2004-01 - 2004

Camden in winter – a beautiful city for those with eyes to see!

Always the loving faces of children peeking from bundled scarfs going to school, book bags on wheels in tow

Bare tree branches reaching to the sky – magnificent barren design

Fallen leaves eddying, leaping through the streets, blessing what they touch

Windows of rowhouses – like television sets tuned to life’s channels

The clock tower of City Hall a beacon – not symbolizing anything but the passage of time

The peace of the Delaware – with Philadelphia beyond – a testament of forefathers and mothers, beckoning

Strong visage of Camden people peering out the bus panels, every color, age, disposition

The churches on Sundays drawing from the suburbs, catering to the locals

The downtown bustle of business on weekdays – street vendors humanizing industry

The students’ artwork, large and bold, displayed in Pathmark supermarket at the checkout, reminding us of why we live!

February 20, 2019 – It’s a snowy day and I sorted some old boxes of school folders and found this – that  I wrote in Winter, 2005. I still feel the same way about Camden fourteen years later!

Anthropomorphyzing Dogs

February 17, 2019

I feel close to my friend Evi Schumacher because we’re kindred souls in anthropomorphyzing (is that a word?) life – especially our dogs.

Evi wonders if her dog remembers losing his first home and coming to  hers when he saw her using a walker (hopefully temporarily). He had a worried look on his face. Did his first owner give him up due to health and lack of mobility?

That made me wonder if my 75 pound Great Dane mix has a memory of his beginnings in Southern USA on Christmas Day, 2015.

Thanks to Evi’s sensitivity, I try to attribute memory to my dog because of his behavior – his response – to the word “crate” as in “Get into your crate.” He does it so joyfully. He loves his crate. Did his first foster person instill that joy?

I find my boy completely ignores me if there is any annoyance in my tone of voice asking him to “Come to me.” If my voice drips with “Oh what a good boy…” – he responds immediately. Tone of voice is important to him. Early on, he may have learned that. And, he teaches me to emphasize it – even to the extent of tricking him to come with a nice voice even when I’m displeased with him.  I have to figure out a different way to change bad behavior than with tone of voice…

Thanks Evi, for pushing me to give intelligence to the canine species here-to-fore not considered much.