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July 9, 2019

20190624_123755I have before me an original 6″x 6″ abstract painting by Carole Leslie, sent from Victoria, BC, Canada

What a treasure! Her website and blogs are too. We met on Facebook. She calls herself “introvert.”

I can’t call myself introvert or extravert or anything in between, because I’m all over the place!

I am a lover of mystery though and arriving at conclusions without needing questions to be asked.

Seeing Carole’s original layered, textured, spontaneous work as a miniature of what I imagined…

…a large oil painting, no less than 3’x3′ high and wide, on an immaculate, white wall, in a room overlooking a land or seascape…

…that is what I imagined would give the painting the dignity it deserved – like one of Toshiko Takaezu’s closed forms

commanding the only attention in an otherwise empty room – requiring one to imagine the mystery within…

just absorbing it like the air we breathe and walk and swim in that we can’t live without.

What is before me is the original art work that I first observed in a tiny Facebook post – it’s like the word becoming flesh, except it’s more than flesh.

It’s an abstraction more than just a word. It’s an expression of an inexplicable wave transmitting light, across the miles, in innumerable ways.

Thank you.