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Summer Camp After Care at Kroc Center

November 25, 2020


Birds in Cherry Hill Library

November 25, 2020

Origami birds make my spirit soar – together with Sonobe Unit Modular boxes decorated by children from age three on up and myself – because there are challenges to manipulate and to design them.

Just before the March, 2020 pandemic lockdown, Cherry Hill Library let me put up an Art Aware exhibit in the high-ceiling Reference Room.

The glass cases are perfect for inspiring the spirits of library patrons to soar along with the bird flight.

And that will happen again in 2021 when the libraries and the world open up again and the exhibit will still be there.

Not Slipping into a Cave

November 21, 2020

Not Slipping Into a Caveā€¦

When I don’t see my grandchildren,
even though I miss them,
I won’t slip into a cave like
Puff the Magic Dragon.

Rather I will jump to
Shall We Dance from The King and I.

I will climb the stairs to view
the Xmas tree in my 8th floor apartment
in Manhattan and then go to
Rockefeller Center and converse with
the owl in a broken-down-but-beautiful
2020 Xmas tree.

Through the magic of music, words, images and imagination,
I’ll join my precious FB friends in
appreciating the metaphor of a cell
phone image of an autumn-leafed tree
with hundreds of branches, and,

in isolation, celebrate life,
in spite of Covid19, but,
at the same time,

I will pray that those affected by it,
will recover a.s.a.p. and come home
to a land called Honah Lee.