Not Slipping into a Cave

Not Slipping Into a Cave…

When I don’t see my grandchildren,
even though I miss them,
I won’t slip into a cave like
Puff the Magic Dragon.

Rather I will jump to
Shall We Dance from The King and I.

I will climb the stairs to view
the Xmas tree in my 8th floor apartment
in Manhattan and then go to
Rockefeller Center and converse with
the owl in a broken-down-but-beautiful
2020 Xmas tree.

Through the magic of music, words, images and imagination,
I’ll join my precious FB friends in
appreciating the metaphor of a cell
phone image of an autumn-leafed tree
with hundreds of branches, and,

in isolation, celebrate life,
in spite of Covid19, but,
at the same time,

I will pray that those affected by it,
will recover a.s.a.p. and come home
to a land called Honah Lee.

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