Murasaki’s Kitten: Beebee

A hard beginning
Mom hit by a car – paralyzed hind quarters
Kids come to my house
“Can you help? She’s trying to get to her kitten.”

I bring Mom and day-old kitten home
thinking it will be their last day alive
but Mom ate well and nursed baby

Mom was not in pain
No euthanasia necessary
Fifteen years later, Mom died

A wonderful Mum, who didn’t act disabled
She was “Murasaki” who graceful swished her body
behind her like the famous 12th century Japanese woman writer

Seventeen years later, yesterday morning
That kitten, Beebee, died
My house is not the same

I see her spirit eveywhere
Last night I felt her purring beside me
But she wasn’t there

Our last days together were almost the best
Because I paid so much attention to her
And she responded in kind

I wanted her to live forever
And I think she wanted to
At the end she followed me around

Like a little puppy dog
And I slowed my gait
To accommodate her

She wasn’t eating so
I experimented with different expensive foods
She might like

I googled old-age feline remedies
She lasted three whole months after her first seizure
And finally gave up the ship on December 23rd, 2015

I owe her so much
I hope, when it becomes my time
I can die with as much love

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