Selfies During the Pandemic

December 30, 2020

Selfies During Pandemic

I’m grateful for Zoom meetings in 2020. The meetings zero (zoom!) in on who we are as individuals and how we appear to others.

A Zoom talk by a ZCP (Zen Center of Philadelphia) member brought awareness to all participants last Sunday. John Cooper said “I can never experience your identity.” He went on about how true that is.

We all have an interior and an exterior. When I think about it, honestly, my interior seems to change with each person I interact with.

On my refrigerator I have an Alfred Lloyd Tennyson quote: “I am all that I have met.”

As I get older (and older!), I am aware that I have tried to entertain people my whole life – and most especially – my parents (total opposites in personality) – who divorced when I was ten years old.

At sixteen years old, my mother kindly suggested that I might want to have plastic surgery when I complained about my looks.
Her suggestion shut me up – who would want their nose purposely broken and put together again!

Many decades later, smart phones make selfies possible. I purposely take a few profile photos of myself to see how others see me.

I thank God I never had a nose job. If it had turned out well, my beauty would have been impossible to live with.

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