Toshiko Takaezu Studio

The adrenaline flows at Toshiko’s place.

It’s the adrenaline for and of the earth – of clay, brush, vegetable, mineral, of interaction with the tangible and intangible, with surface to touch, warm and cool, and surfaces to behold, explosive and calm, with feelings that can’t be touched, only called forth from inside, of beginnings, of journeys, of endings, that go back to that source inside.

It’s a place of worship for and of the earth, of what sun and fire and reduction can produce, tangible and intangible for every visitor.

And I carry the inspiration from Toshikos place back to my place, to my children, so that they can call forth from inside, the earth that is their’s to savor, to form, each in his or her own way – beginnings, journeys and endings, lasting forever.

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