Xmas 2020

December 24 – Storm predicted but 60° weather before storm.

Next door, pitbull boys playing together through scratched-through fence dug out by frustrated, unneutered Romeo – so virile, yet so gentle.

Isolated his whole three years of life until finally he decided to try to do something about it by digging a window through the wooden fence. He was able to nuzzle with Hennie, his next-door-neutered, but still frustrated, pitbull neighbor.

Storm arrived at 2:00 a.m. – thousands without power, temperature down to 30°. But we’re safe at home, with tree lights on…the whole family together yet in isolation due to Covid19.

In the complete silence, that I choose for all eleven of us – nine inside a warm house – two rugged outsiders always checking in for morning meal then returning to outside bunker to ward off the cold.

I take an hour nap accompanied by youngest – Bonnie and Clyde (brother and sister wanting to play) and mother, Whiskers.

Then, I spend an hour or two decorating origami boxes and Xmas trees.

The great Dane, Shiro, is lounging in basement apartment, Kohaku, my pitbull has the run of the house.

Musume, Bijin and Kaliko, are in front room enjoying a leisurely morning before being let out to join alpha male, Neko (father of Bonnie&Clyde) and Queen Kohaku – always being their own superior selves to the rest of the family.

A perfect Xmas. A rice, nori, raw-egg lunch and then a movie by Akira Kurosawa and his son: “The Sea Is Watching.”

Ahhhhhh, peace…. I feel like I’m in Japan again

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