There is no right or wrong in art.

In Art Aware classes, by showing large reproductions of art from ancient to modern, I can immediately get the point across that there is no right or wrong in art. There are just plenty of different styles which lead to all sorts of opinions and pronouncements of something being good or bad.

Picasso was the greatest instigator of opinions in the twentieth century. He challenged the norm. By his abstractions, which many adults of a “fundamentalist persuasion” have no use for, he thrust people into the 21st century.

In art-appreciation and art-doing classes, it’s important to instill in the students a trust in themselves. The elementary school students must believe that they can put their mark on the page without being criticized for it by their teacher or anyone else.

A first grader liked Picasso’s “Hands and Flowers” and look what he came up with when he drew his own version! Some of the flower stems are drawn “behind” the hands and some are not. Fine! Such confidence he exhibited with the strong crayon strokes and colors.

A sixth grader did a take-off on Picasso’s “Enamel Saucepan.” A nice (in my opinion!) variation of a cubist pitcher, candle and pan.

Finally, eighth grader, Jen Vi, did a charcoal sketch of Picasso’s “Smoker,” which I personally like better than the Picasso painting.

All of this artwork is done within a 45 minute class. Reproductions are placed around the room and the students can take ideas from them or not, as they choose, for their own artwork.

By the end of the class I am always surprised and pleased with what they come up with!

3 Responses to “There is no right or wrong in art.”

  1. margieroses Says:

    I loved the teaching. I wiah I had that when I was a Kid.



    Kudos to teacher and children alike! This positive energy is what it is all about! And the effects last a lifetime I believe!!!!


  3. artaware Says:

    Yes, Siv. And AGTS perpetuates it…together with Art Aware and the art teachers.


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