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Childen’s Art at the Kroc Center – Camden

October 11, 2015


How Things Were in Camden in 1999

October 10, 2015





Photos of Camden Children at Peace

October 10, 2015

Photos from the Camden Children at Peace Calendar. Enjoy!

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Camden Children Shine Peace Calendar

October 9, 2015

How different things were in 1999! We could celebrate Camden childrens’ artwork by raising money for 10,000 copies of the Camden Children Shine Peace Calendar. Enjoy.
(I wish we could publish 10,000 copies of Camden children’s artwork from the Salvation Army Kroc Center in 2015!)

The Cover by Erin Elizabeth Quirk, age 10, was influenced by Maria Santiago’s artwork in the 1994 May Day Calendar.IMG_2636

January by Kasandra Sanchez, age 9, influenced by Henri Matisse, Victor Vasarely and Vincent Van Gogh. IMG_2639

February by Jessica Serrano, age13, influenced by “Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson.IMG_2641

March by Khadijah Cunningham, age 8, influenced by the Walt Disney movie “Mulan.”IMG_2642

April by Julie Martinez, age 11, influenced by Vincent Van Gogh.IMG_2644

May by Stephanie Cordero, age 10, influenced by Vincent Van Gogh and Roy Lichtenstein.IMG_2646

June by Danielle Wortham, age 9, influenced by “Tar Beach” by Faith Ringgold.IMG_2648

July by Jen Vi, age 14, influenced by Pablo Picasso.IMG_2651

August by Gail Edwards, age 12, influenced by Victor Vasarely and Jean Dubuffet.IMG_2653

September by Erasham Santiago, age 9, influenced by syndicated Philadelphia Inquirer editorial cartoonist John Overmyer.IMG_2655

October by Theodore, age 6, influenced by Pablo Picasso.IMG_2657

November by Ryan Stear, age 11, influenced by Pablo Picasso.IMG_2659

December by Maria Lopez, age 9, influenced by Georgia O’Keeffe.IMG_2661