Donald Trump, a Nobody in Modacius

Donald Trump, a Nobody in Modacius

In Modacius*, Donald Trump is a nobody because there are so many people who know more than he does about reality. We are a small city of people who know about hardship. We are multi-racial, multi-denominational, multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-income, multi-everything that DT is multi-not.

We follow leaders inspired by leaders, inspired by leaders, inspired by leaders – none of whom, dead or alive, would have or have uttered words uttered by DT.

We know how to push back because of our collective hardship, our collective sacrifice. DT does not know the meaning of the word “sacrifice.” He has no knowledge or experience, past or present,of leadership – city, state, national, international.

We saw true leadership when President Obama visited Modacius in 2015. It is not in DT’s make-up to ever visit a place like Camden. If DT can’t be a somebody in Modacius, he can’t be a somebody (no less a POTUS) anywhere.

Praise be that we in Modacius know true leadership. It means we will not be moved (no less inspired) by a fake.

The word “greatest” coming out of the mouth of DT is an anomaly.

Everyday the whole world (not just the U.S.) is coming to know it.

Thanks be to God.


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