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A Sacred Place

September 26, 2016

View of Petty’s Island & Philadelphia from Cramer Hill, Camden, NJ

A Sacred Place

A sacred place – a state of being – between the past and future:

on a path in Cramer Hill Nature Reserve where one isn’t afraid of being shot by a teenager…

in a presidential election in a country fueled by freedom and bondage…

in a church with images of a crucifixion and resurrection…

in a synagogue unveiling texts of horror and bliss…

in a temple where silence is broken by music and dogma…

on a street where young and old are shouting and laughing…

in a world which is neither evil nor perfect but is just HERE – being realized.

Cocktail Parties

September 15, 2016

Cocktail Parties: a great prompt for writing, a great prompt for establishing a life style

Fresh out of college – a Manhattan apartment.
Cocktail parties where competition was fierce
and wall flowers aplenty.

I’ve always cheered for the underdog
probably because I’ve been one myself.
Foreigners are underdogs at cocktail parties.

I love talking to foreigners.
I love hearing them manipulate their second languages.
In Japan, I praised my elementary school students for their creative English.

I can compete now, in old age, at cocktail parties
by talking about The Far East.
No one has been there but me.

And so people walk away – I win.
They don’t want to hear about The Far East.
And I don’t want to hear about their newest condominiums.

This Artaware blog is running the gamut of my life, starting in my fifties – and
now going back to my twenties.
It’s all about art – art aware and life aware.